Check my checked new top

Top: me-made ( Burda  mod. 108  7/2008)
Jeans: thrifted at Oxfam (H&M)

Sometimes you just need a tee and jeans to feel comfortable. I chose this new top for a day which was mostly spend at home. After a night out celebrating Halloween I woke up at half past 2 and used the rest of the day to tidy up my flat and research some university stuff. For Halloween I went as a Zombie-Vampire-style to a party where only 10 % of the people were dressed up. It's just not that popular in Germany to dress up for the occasion, most people dress up only during Carneval. I like to dress up whenever I have the occasion though.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Nice titel. I find it sometimes so difficult to come up with a witty catch line but this one is clever. Also you're getting better with your photo software. And the top is nice of cause, too.


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