Revista galore ! Starting with Moldecia...

 This was the first issue that I got hold off and therefore I was quite excited. I didn't know before that Brasil has such a big selection of sewing magzines and all so trend oriented and not like much of the German ones behind. The only thing I don't like about the brasilian magazines is that they offer most of the patterns in one size only. I'm not used to grade the patterns myself and need to get advice on how to do it.
 It's getting summer in the southern hemisphere and maxi skirts and dresses are the trend of the season in Brasil. I like that too and have just made myself a black maxiskirt for fall. More information and pictures on that tomorrow.
 There were some children clothes in the issue as well. Love the boy on the left, he's so cute.
 Seems to be an article about fabric shopping on the internet. Maybe someone of you is able to read it ?

 I put this on my To-Sew- List. I need a one shoulder evening dress. Possibly with a sparkling fabric.

 Some cute summer dresses which can also work in fall, if they are made of a heavier fabric.
Such a simple dress, but the print makes it really special.
You can find more information on the magazine on their website which is www.moldecia.com.br .


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