One wish list leads to another

It's been a while since I last posted something. I still have the problem of when to take my pictures. Early in the morning before I leave the house it's dark outside and my camera makes awful pictures in artificial light. I have made a couple of things in the past weeks though. Tha means two items can be crossed of my wish list. One of them is the black maxi skirt and the other one is something with a snake print. I used the fabric that I got when I was in Berlin and made a simple skirt, similar to my mustard one.
In addition I made two simple tops. One in a checked flannel and one with the shoe print (also from Berlin). I only need to finish the neckline of the shoe-print top with bias tape. I tried to make a neckband out of the fabric but it didn't look good so I plan to get black cotton bias tape and handsew the tape to the neckline. If that doesn't work I'll just leave it Lanvin-style which means not to care about raw edges.
Unfortunalety I won't get around to create something new in the next month because I can't get to my sewing studio on the weekends. Maybe I will use the time to finally finish the sleeves of my cardigan which has been in the making for nearly a year now.

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