Sewing depression

Do you know that feeling ? I just call it "sewing depression". It occurs every now and then and right now it struck me because of my mustard coloured fabric. I know it's stupid but sometimes you just feel depressed about your stash, your patterns and everything that is in your wardrobe.
For fall I had bought this very cool mustard cotton gabardine with a light stripe. I had in mind a specific pattern to use it for ( Burda 03/2002 no. 108) but then I made a muslin and had to find out that the skirts' shape and my body just wouldn't work together. Yes, the skirt fitted and everything was made as it should be but while wearing the muslin I started to worry. "Will that look better in the mustard fabric ? Is my butt to big, or is the pattern just unflattering ?"
The sewing depression started to grow. I couldn't stop thinking about that skirt. Again and again I had a look through my patterns and thought about what to do because I just don't want to worry this fabric. It's exactly that shade of mustard yellow that I envisioned would make my fall wardrobe.
My mum then suggested " Why don't you try an A-line panel shirt ?". She suggested that I make the pattern I started sewing with, a simple 8 panel skirt. And my mind started to rotate again, imagining how that skirt would look like, would it drape in the fabric ?
As I won't get into my studio in the next days, I have enough time to think about it and worry even more. Do you know that feeling ? The feeling that everything you've sewn so far is ugly and a waste of material ?
Maybe I'm just having these thoughts...

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