Well now you probably already realised what I needed the poly batting for that I bought last week. I made my own dressform ! Recently on a fleamarket I got to buy duct tape for just 1,75 € / 25m and so I remembered about my idea of doing a custom-made dressform. I found this very helpful and also the tutorial of Burda.
 First I was wrapped in wrapper material.
This is how I looked like wrapped in duct tape.
 The finished dressform

Dress: me-made (Burda 07/2000 mod. 128 graded to a dress)
Sandals: Deichmann
The dressform is a little bit taller than me but the other measurements like bust and hip are nearly identical. Now I only have to sew a cover and then I can start draping on the dressform.

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