Sweater Love

From top left: Isabel Marant sweater, Chinti and Parker sweater, J.Crew sweater, Thakoon Addition sweater
I have realised one thing in the past years: I have expensive taste! Seriously, I can walk through H&M or similar stores and just look at the designs and think " Why is this all so...plain?". I love patterns, I love colours and I love very individual pieces. You can't find that at a chain store. So instead I gather my inspiration from shops and brands that I could never afford. Or where I'm just to intimidated to walk in and take a look at the things and try them on.
Well, I once took all my courage together and entered Eickhoff in Düsseldorf. I loved the assortment, I saw amazing pieces but there was a shop assistant at my side the whole time and the pieces all hung on the rails in one size only, so if I would have wanted to try something on, I needed to ask the shop assistant to get it for me. Not my favourite shopping experience!

So my favourite pasttime has become to check out net-a-porter.com. I still remember the first time that I heard about this new onlineshop, I think it was presented in an article in the first Vogue, which I got for christmas about thirteen years ago ( gosh, that means that I already know this shop half of my life!).
They have great product pictures, you can zoom and they often have some tables with measurements, for example of the hem width of certain pants. This means, that it's a great source to find stuff that you want to get inspired by.

Lately I've been browsing the knitwear section and came across some beautiful sweaters. The Chinti and Parker one is similar to the model of my dream wardrobe. I have been on the hunt for a simple grey sweater to refashion it with some appliqués and before my accident I found the perfect one. I just need to get the fabrics for the appliqués and then I will make my very own sweater that could easily retail for 450 €, but my version will be about 10 €. Pretty sweet, huh? While I'm writing this another idea struck in my head: I could also crochet little hearts and then sew them on a sweater, would be an awesome project for next years Valentines Day, wouldn't it be?

The Isabel Marant sweater will be a great project, when I finally understand how to knit with two different threads. The pattern is quite simple and it could be made of remnants from other projects. This is definitely on my To Knit list.
What about you? Do you get inspired by expensive looks as well?


  1. omg! i love chinti & parker. they do the best jumpers in the world!
    did you hear about their new collaboration as well ?

    you'll love it !


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