Sew happy!

This weekend I decided to spend a whole day in front of the sewing machine. The weather was a mix of sunshine and hail , so I wasn't unhappy about spending the day indoors. I managed to make quite a lot of items that were on my To-Sew list.
One of my friends is getting married in a month and of course I need a new dress for that. I haven't sewn a dress for quite a while now and for a long time no dress made out of a woven fabric so I had some fitting issues. I cut out a German 44 but because from the measurement table it seemed that I needed a larger size I added some centimetres on the back and in the side seam. When I first tried it, it was to big so in the end I took in the side seams as much as I added before. Well , I used some fabric which I had in my stash for quite a while now, so I take this dress as a muslin. Next time I'm going to use the pattern as suggested. I still have enough time until the wedding to make a second version. What do you think ? Should I wear this, or make it again ?
There is also the problem that the straps are a tad to wide for my shoulders and I need to think of a way to fix them and also hide my bra straps. I'm still not sure if I'll wear this or make something different. What you can't see because of the dotted fabric is that there are princess seams in the front and in the back. I think this pattern would be great in a coulour blocked version or with a print and a solid colour.
It's dress number 102 from April 2004.
In the next days I'll show you the other projects that I made.

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  1. i think it looks pretty and feminine. i as just talking to a friend of mine which colors are apropriate for a wedding and this fabric seems to be perfect. as far as i can tell from the picture, it looks good to go. if the bra straps bother you, try crochet thread chains with a snap on one end to sandwich the bra strap between the strap and the chain.


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