I have too much stuff


I am moving out of my room in Mönchengladbach because I will start an internship in Hamburg in March. I'm really looking forward to that but I hope that I won't have to move house for some months. Yesterday we started to gather my things and in the end we had about 7 garbage bags full of clothes. I knew that I had quite many things but I never thought that it would be so many. It really got me thinking about what I really wear from all that I own and something that I learned in school came to my mind. Do you know the Pareto principle ? It is a sort of relation that can be applied to many different things. In my case it could be said like this 80 % of the clothes that I wear frequently only make up 20 % of my garments.
Now I'm thinking that maybe I could find out which garments are the 20 %. Of course a pair of dark denim jeans, some blouses ( white and printed), sweaters, dresses. What would you say are your 20 % ?
And how do you manage your wardrobe ? Do you cull pieces that you haven't worn for a couple of months or do you hoard them like I used to do ?

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  1. I go trough my clothes (and stuff) every few months. I get rid of what's not fitting anymore, try to sell the more pricey stuff on ebay or give things I still like but don't wear anymore to my mum and sis. Some I rework to fit me again if I like the idea or fabric. The rest gets donated or thrown away. I decided to only buy basics and am quite strict with sorting through my clothes. It has to fit into my closet and I have to be able to pull something out without clothes falling onto me. Still I've got way more than I need, so I try to challenge myself to put together outfits that aren't go tos. I feel freed after such organisation attack. It's annoying and a lot of work but moving is a great opportunity to rediscover items and building a staple wardrobe that is really you.


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