Everything comes to an end one day

I made it. Three busy weeks with 9 exams and now I'm done. If I passed all of them I won't have to write any exams for a couple of years. What a relief. Now I have time again for the pretty things in life, like knitting and sewing. I finished my cardigan but have to weave in the yarn ends, I'll take pictures next week.
The past days were busy celebrating the end of the exams with lunch at a lovely turkish restaurant close to university, then an afternoon of ( fabric) shopping and a trip to Cologne to eat out in a running sushi restaurant. Finally ending the exam time with a night out with my favourite girls. Oh, what a great time !
It's hard to believe that the lazy student life will be over in a couple of weeks. No more sleeping in and skipping lectures without anyone noticing it...
So to make the best of the days that I can enjoy my student status I booked a bus to Paris.
Tomorrow I will leave in the morning and then spend three days in the city of love. Any tips what I should visit ?

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  1. Congratulations. An exciting but also slightly frightening time, I suppose. MAybe you'll show some pics of Paris, for those who haven't been there for ages (ahem...me...)?!


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