My Handmade Year

I started this blog in Mai but in January I started an even bigger project. For the year 2011 I made the pledge to only buy second-hand clothing or make the items myself (excluding socks and underwear). Now we approach the end of the year and it's time to review how this project worked out.
I'm very satisfied because with just one exception I managed to live by the pledge. The only item I purchased which wasn't second-hand was this t-shirt.
But by buying this t-shirt I supported my favourite music festival, the Rheinkultur in Bonn. Because of all the donations and sales of their t-shirts they raised enough money to have the festival in 2011. Of course I wanted to support them as well, so I got the shirt. And of course I went to the festival and managed to be in the first row seeing Razorlight live. I could almost touch Johnny Borrell ! Definitely one of my favourite moments of 2011.
Unfortunalety the festival had to announce later this year that the debt couldn't be paid off and that there won't be another festival in 2012. That is a pity but since I won't live in the area next year anymore I'm not that bothered.

Coming back to my pledge. Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf have a good variety of second-hand shops so it was not difficult to find things that I liked. Originally I wanted to decrease my spending on clothes and only purchase goods which I really needed, but often I couldn't pass the shop and not buy anything. This is something I definitely want to change next year. I haven't yet fully decided in which direction my resolution for 2012 will go, but consuming less and consuming more sensible are directions that I might choose.
My favourite purchases for the year have to be a pair of black leather boots ( from Oxfam for 7 € ),a grey sweater ( from Oxfam for 7,50€ ) and a pair of flares( from Goodwill in San Francisco, it reminds me of the holiday in the USA everytime I wear it ).

As you can see they are all quite basic and I really needed them in my wardrobe that consisted of a lot of items that were beautiful but difficult to combine. I have a simple navy A-line skirt in the making which will look great with the grey sweater and the boots. It will also be good to combine with my blouses.
My favourite handmade items of the year are my "shoe blouse", my mustard A-line skirt and my black maxi skirt. Anyway I love all the items that I made. I rarely produce UFOs, though there is a cut but never sewn item in my sewing studio. It is the pattern for a blouse and I only have half of the instructions and I'm too lazy to figure out how to start and put it together.

Only in the end of the year I started to plan what I needed in my wardrobe and form my own capsule collection. I often sew whatever garment comes into my mind and don't think about whether it can be combined to the things that I already own. Definitely something I want to change next year. In the next two weeks I will think about what I want to achieve in the next year and keep you updated on my plans.

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  1. I think your way of consuming and your approach towards fast fashion is very commendable. I have to say, though I don't go into rtw shops that often, I still enjoy shopping there. But I also try to think about how I could style those items, how they'd go with my other clothes and essentially if I really need them. I have some work to do on that but I'll try to cut down on buying (but also sewing) of things I don't really need or that don't go well with my style just because of an impuls.


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