Happy New Year !

2011 will be over in a couple of hours and 2012 will begin. I can't wait to start the new year ! With every new year I make plans what to achieve and what to improve in the next. This year I have three main goals :
  • Live more sustainable and healthy. Means buy more vegetables and fruits grown locally, reduce buying plastic, cook more and don't eat out that often anymore ( no fast food)
  • Reduce spending for fabrics. I have a stash that, if I use all the fabrics, will keep me occupied for at least half a year. So I want to try to use as much of it and only buy fabrics if I can't make a similar garment from my stash.
  • Exercise more. I know, I know that is something everybody plans every year but I really want to give it a try. I'm gonna move to another city in February and it is very well connected with bike lanes. I want to take the bike out more often and reduce the time I spend in busses or trains.

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