Weekend in Berlin

On Thursday I took a bus to Berlin to spend some days with an old friend of mine. Since I knew that Katharina lives in Berlin as well, I contacted her and we managed to go fabric shopping together on Friday. First we checked out Hüco-Stoffe, which is basically a wholesale company that has also a direct sale. Wow, they had a big selection. The prices were okay, not as cheap as Zanderino but in a range between 10 and 20 €. I guess if you had a specific garment in mind and were looking for the fabric, you could definitely find it there. As I had no real plan on what to buy, I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection. In the end I bought a Gabardine with a bit of Elasthane in a snake print, that I will turn into a skirt.
Next we headed to the Humana Shop at Frankfurter Tor. This is a second-hand store with 4 levels. We were very lucky because they had a special summer sale going on, selling every item for a maximum of 1,50€. It was very crowded and I guess the best bits were already gone, but we found some great stuff anyway. I bought an orange Blazer which is 100% wool, which will be great for fall and a silk skirt with a lovely A-line shape.

In the shop we met my friend and together we then went to the Maybachufer where every Friday a turkish market takes place and besides vegetables and bric-a-brac they also sell fabric. Most of it is 2 to 5 € per metre and so it's a great place to fill your stash. I got three fabrics,one plain black jersey, one fun shoe print chiffon-type and a polyester with blue dots. In total I paid for 5 m fabric 11,50 €.

After all the exhausting shopping we did in the heat ( it was around 30°C on that day), we stopped at a small cafe and had some cool drinks.
After saying good-bye to Kathrina, my friend and I went back home and then drove to Schlachtensee to go swimming there and have a picnic. It was a very nice evening. On Saturday we explored Berlin, went to the fleamarket on Straße des 17.Juni, checked out Hackesche Höfe and in the evening there was the Lange Nacht der Museen and we visited a Planetarium, Fotografie-Museum and a Freemasons hall. On Sunday we went to Potsdam and went for a walk in the garden of Sanssouci.

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