Net a Porter copycat

One of my favourite online stores is Net a Porter. Well, not that I ever even came close to buying something from there, but it is a really nice store to get inspiration for sewing projects. They have great detail shots of the garments and even better they have a detailed list of measurements for the item. Take for example this nice flared jeans from J Brand which is still on my to-sew list. This model has exactly the shape of a trouser that I like ( high rise, medium flare) and in the measurements I can read that the leg opening measures about 64 cm in the largest size. Now I take a look at my Burda pattern (07/2003 117) and see that the leg opening there is about 60 cm wide. So I know that this pattern is a really good base to copy the J Brand version and save 200 € .
Maybe I will make this a weekly column of the blog ,the "net-a-porter copycat" What do you think ? Soon my exams will be over and then I will be able to turn all these ideas in my head into reality.

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