Me-made June

I didn't have computer acess in the last days so here are the outfits from the past 4 days.
Day 2:
top: me-made ( Burda 07/2000 mod 128)
pants: me-made ( Burda 12/2006 mod.121)

Day 3:
Top: me-made ( Burda 07/2008 mod.108)
Skirt: me-made (Burda mod.105)

Day 4:
Top: me-made ( Burda 07/2000 mod.128)
Skirt: me-made (Burda mod. 105)

Day 5:
Top: me-made ( Burda 03/2008 mod. 113)
Skirt: me-made (Burda mod.105)

The skirt and pants were both made on thursday because I didn't have many pants or skirts that could be combined with anything. So I quickly made them up.Unfortunalety the white pants are a bit see-through, so I'll probably wear them in the house only. But the fit is great and I plan to make them in yellow too hoping that they won't be see-through as well.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Your tops are great, I really like your fabric choices. The first one reminds me of Christopher Kanes Galaxy designs and the 2nd of an Itak print. Also the blouse looks very flattering and chic.


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