Me-made June day 18

Day 18:
Dress: me-made (Burda)
Leggins: Tchibo
Scarf: 1-Éuro-Shop
Sandals: Deichmann
I have to say that I'm doing pretty well with me-made june. The month is halfway done and so far I din't have any problems in choosing an outfit in the morning. Though I have noticed that there are some basics missing in my wardrobe like a black skinny jeans, a lightblue flare jeans, a simple black skirt and an A-line-skirt. But therefore this month is a good way in improving your wardrobe. When I go fabric shopping I'm often drawn to the crazy prints and colourful patterns and tend to neglect the simple fabrics that are useful for some basic patterns. I guess many of you know that problem. At home you then look at your  fabric and think "What the heck did I think when buying this ?". In the last month I tried to think of an item for the fabric when I buy something and so far that made my spending a little bit more effective. Now I only have to get through examination period and then it'd full-time-sewing again. Wish me luck in the next two weeks!

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