Cool light

Day 22:
Top:me-made (Burda 01/2008 mod.122)
Trousers: thrifted
Sandals: TK Maxx
I only found time to take the picture in the late afternoon and the sun provided me with some cool light effect. The blouse is the first time use of this pattern. I made it a couple of years ago from some linen fabric bought at Karstadt. It is super-comfy and leaves enough space to let the air circulate. In the last years I made the blouse in a couple more versions, improving the work from piece to piece. Maybe I'll wear the last version tomorrow and then I'll show you the details in workmanship.
Btw the sandals I'm wearing here are also some years old. They have a flexible part in the wedge which is called "Federflex" and it makes them really comfortable to wear. I was walking around all afternoon during work and my feet didn't hurt at all in the evening.

PS: I totally forgot that today is wednesday. Here you can find the other me-made wednesday participants. Thanks again to Catherine for organizing the day.

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