I really like that flares and wide leg trouser shapes seem to make a comeback in the next seasons. I used to own a very nice denim one but then I gained weight and now I don't fit into the pants anymore. So I plan on making myself a new one. Here are some of my inspirations.

both from www.freepeople.com
from zara.com

both from topshop.com
I already found some Burda magazines that have patterns in these styles.
 This one is Burda 07/2003.
 And this is Burda 12/2002. They only go up to size 44 and I have 46 in Burda pants but I think it's easy to grade, I just need to add 1 or 2 cm on each side.
Next weekend I'll be in my sewing studio again and hopefully I will be able to enjoy some productive hours. I know exactly what I want to do. I would like to do it right now, but in my apartment in Mönchengladbach I don't have any equipment. I can only knit and that's it. So maybe you'll soon see what my finished knitting project looks like.

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